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R.P stands for Radiant Public School.  Its aim, as the name indicates is to disseminate the radiance of knowledge to the people of Kashmir and others. The first Ayat which was revealed to Prophet Mohammad was (Iqra) which means “read”.   The verse says:  Read in the name of Allah who created man from Alaq (a leech like thing)
As stated by Prophet Mohammad(صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم)  that pursuit of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim, male and female.  In another Hadit the prophet has said, “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.” Although R.P school has been established on Islamic principles yet its doors are open for all irrespective of religion, creed, caste or colour.  We believe knowledge is not the monopoly of anyone. We do not believe in the Muslim sectarianism.
It is by the grace of Almighty Allah we have been able to bring our school to the level of the reputed schools of the valley.  We have been able to built confidence in our students and we firmly believe that they can compete not only with the students of the reputed schools of the valley but the students coming out of any of the schools across the country.  We aspire to mould our students and carve them out to be the best personalities who are embodiment of good behaviour, excellent character and pleasing manners. The school wants to develop in our students the values which define honesty, compassion, respect for self and others, commitment, justice, dedication, loyalty and truthfulness.
We believe education is the great weapon by which we can eradicate the ignorance and social evils prevailing in our society. We wish to produce the students who would be an asset to the Muslim community in particular and humanity in general. We want to see in them the highest degree of faith and morality so that they perform their duties diligently and sincerely. We want to inculcate in them the habits of highest character.  Truth-fullness, trustworthiness, diligence and loyalty are a few qualities, which should be displayed by their character.  Sincerity and hard work should be the mark of their identity.
If we glance at the Kashmir valley twenty years ago, we would find that we underwent a difficult period of our life.  The entire valley witnessed the period of great sufferings and crisis. Disturbances, chaos, confusion, depression and panic had gripped the entire valley.  Education system was badly hit and it was in the midst of these unfavorable circumstances R.P School started its voyage in the ocean of education.  It was the beginning of the school and nobody could have ever imagined that the school would be rated among the ten top schools of the valley within a decade or so.
Having deep faith in Almighty we took up the challenge and established Al-Huda Public School which was later named as Radiant Public School.  The Radiant Public School was started by the descendants of Abdul Salam Mir who was the husband of Zainab. She was the woman whose spiritual guidance enabled us to start this venture.
We, four brothers Shakeel Hussain, ShabirAhmed, Ashiq Hussain , Syed Hussain and our sister Furkana Akther were the founder members of the R.P School.  Our fifth brother, Saleem who was then studying in class 7 could not take active part in the establishment of the school.  After the school had been established, our grandmother, Zainab related a beautiful dream to us.  She began, I have seen a huge apple tree laden with fruit and its branches were bent due to the heavy load on it.”  The tree she had seen in her dream stood where the R P School stands now.  She was a spiritual woman and we knew that the dream would come true.  We really worked hard and it was by the grace of All Mighty Allah, the dream was transformed into reality.
It was the month of May 1990 we hired a two room set of Ghulam Ahmad Baba in the Mala Bagh locality.  In these two rooms we housed very young students – 4 to 7 years of age.  Gh. Ahmad Baba being very generous provided us his living room to be used as an office. There wasn’t any playground or lawn where the students could play minor games or hold a morning assembly.  It was just like a maktaba.  Syed Hussain, our third brother who was studying in a high school guided us and helped us in furnishing the school.  The first items of furniture and stationery which included an office chair, three ordinary chairs, a small wooden table for office and a few attendance registers were purchased by him for the purpose.
R.P. School was actually envisaged by our brother, Maulana Ashiq Hussain Nadwi who had just returned from Lucknow after completing his Fazeelat (Masters in Islamic Studies) from the Nadwatul-Ulma Lucknow.  He did it under the guidance of Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi who is popularly known as Ali Mian.  He had dreamed to have a school where Islamic and Arabic subjects would be dominant over the other subjects.  Mr. Shabir Ahmad who had already left the bank job and was working in an American Travel Agency suggested that the need was that we start a school where along with Islamic studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and other Science related subjects are taught at par- excellence.
It will be great injustice if we do not make a mention of some of the enlightened personalities who played a vital role in the establishment of the school.  They supported us in every possible way and guided us at every step when the school was in its infancy.  One of these great scholars was Mr Abdul Rashid Suhaf who was then working as a professor of Physics at Islamia College Srinagar and finally retired as a principal from the same college.  The other great person, who helped and guided us during the difficult times the school had in the beginning, was Dr Abdul Rehman Yousuf, presently working as the Dean of Academics in Kashmir University.  He is the man of highest character.  His moral and intellectual guidance encouraged us to go ahead with our sacred mission.  Sheen Meem Ahmad, the sub- editor of Kashmir Uzma also provided us his valuable suggestions and advice from now and then.
By the grace of All Mighty Allah and His blessings, we managed to start a school.  We started with five basic classes, the class 2nd being the top most class.  We went on promoting the same classes and it was in the year 1998 when we sent out our first batch of class 10 through the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education.  There were some 30 students who performed brilliantly and gifted us with two positions and a good number of distinctions.  We started with 50 students and within a year’s time the number crossed 100 and after another two years the number touched 300 figures.
As the time passed new faces joined the R.P family.  Mr. Ghulam Hassan whom we had employed as a computer teacher became one of the main members of the R.P. School. In the beginning of his career as a teacher he would teach Mathematics.  Later he whole heartedly utilized his energy for the betterment of the school.  He has been supervising the smooth functioning of the examinations for the last couple of years.  Presently he is discharging the responsibilities of a Public Relation Officer in addition to the Vice Principal of the school.
It was the year 1998 and the month was April when Mr. Muzaffer came on the scene and became the part and parcel of this institute.  His dedication to the cause, sincerity and untiring efforts has brought the school to the level where it stands now.  His contribution in making the school known and popular among the people is unspeakable.  It is by his endeavors R.P has gained name, fame and much reputation in the entire valley.  R. P. School has now become a household name.  He is very humble and enthusiastic teacher.  He is looking after the Lower Primary Department at present.  He has implemented unique methods of teaching in his school commonly known as the little R.P.  In near future he intends to establish a girls’ school where the boarding and lodging facilities would be made available.
It is not out of place to mention here the name of Mr. G. Q.  Jeelani, our nephew.  He is an energetic and dynamic person who took over as the head of the R.P. School (Boys’ Wing) at a very young age.  He possesses all the qualities and capabilities which any head of any organization should be equipped with.  He is an efficient administrator who knows ins and outs of the administration.  He is a good manager who manages all the school affairs in an efficient way.  He is able handle the school related problems in a better way.  He is one of the prominent members of the R.P.School.