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R.P.School Admin
16 Feb, 2021

It’s not about saying, it’s about making things happen.

Students of R.P.School Malla bagh brought laurels to the school,

bagging IST & 2ND Position in Senior Category and 2ND Position &
a Consolation Prize in Junior category  in an art competion
“NAQSH-e-BAHAR” organised by Cartwheel Kids in collaboration
with Artify Kashmir .Below mentioned are the students who
added one more feather to our R.P.Cap :
                                    (Senior Category)
                      Soliha Hanief  Class 7th.  IST Position
                      Batool Fatima  Class 7th  2nd Postion 
                               (Junior Category)
                       Hadiya  Class 4th  2nd Position 
                      Muntaza  Class  5th  Consolation Prize
 The school administration praises and felicitates its students for the
laurels they brought to the school  and also expresses its heartfelt
congratulations to the  Fine Arts Department who work very hard
to help the students to  make their mark in the events like this…
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