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Assessment Framework at Kashmir Harvard

Our assessment framework at Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP), ensuring adherence to nationally recognized guidelines for student evaluation. Throughout the academic session, we employ a comprehensive approach comprising six formative assessments designed to gauge students’ ongoing progress and understanding. These assessments provide valuable insights into students’ learning journey, allowing teachers to tailor instruction accordingly. Additionally, at the culmination of each session, we conduct summative assessments that evaluate students’ overall mastery of the curriculum. This balanced approach to assessment fosters a supportive learning environment where students can thrive academically and achieve their
  • The Foundation department endeavours to a holistic approach that focuses on the whole child and connects their development with the world and people around them.
  •  Our curriculum is built around four key areas of early childhood development – Physical Development, Language and communication development, Cognitive development & Social and emotional development.
  •  We develop knowledge, understanding and skills through a spiral approach, by revisiting and engaging with topics and skills in more depth at each stage.
  •  Our curriculum helps learners to meet internationally established milestones for early development. Although children develop at different rates, the curriculum provides a structure for teaching and learning that will help you to monitor and support each child’s progress.
  •  Our meticulously designed curriculum encourages children to absorb knowledge in a natural manner, affording them abundant opportunities to explore the intricacies of the world and acquire hands-on experiences.
  •  We foster an environment wherein children not only observe and infer but also adeptly apply their newfound knowledge.

Our Main Subjects

    Communication, Language & Literacy

    Speaking, listening, reading and writing are crucial to children’s early development. Showing children the importance of language through fun activities and encouraging them to engage with a wide range of texts helps to ignite a lifelong curiosity for learning.


    At an early age, it’s important to help children recognise how mathematics impacts everyday life. Through games and activities, we can introduce children to mathematical language, thinking and concepts that they will need when they start their primary education.

    Understanding The World

    This area of the curriculum encourages children’s natural curiosity as they explore the world around them. It lays foundations for a range of different subjects in primary education and beyond, including science, digital literacy, computing and humanities.


Step into the enchanting realm of our Preparatory department (PD), a lively haven dedicated to the formative years of education. Within the PD, our foremost priority is the cultivation of a passion for learning, achieved through a curriculum that is not only engaging but also tailored to the unique needs of each child. Seasoned educators commit their expertise to nurturing vital skills such as literacy, numeracy, and social development. Employing interactive teaching methodologies within a nurturing environment, we ensure that every child’s distinct potential is not only acknowledged but also celebrated. The PD transcends the mere pursuit of academic excellence; it champions holistic growth by fostering curiosity, nurturing creativity, and instilling a profound sense of community. Our classrooms are thoughtfully crafted as secure, inclusive, and stimulating spaces, providing the perfect backdrop for young minds to blossom. Come, embark with us on the journey of laying the groundwork for a lifetime filled with curiosity, exploration, and academic triumphs.

Exalted Standards of Education
Precision in Assessment
Fidelity to Public Trust

In the realm of middle department, our paramount commitment resides in the cultivation of our pupils’ education, assuming the mantle of responsibility for the attainment of the most exalted standards in both scholastic endeavours and demeanour. We judiciously employ assessments, ensuring precision and efficacy. Imposing lofty expectations, we aspire to imbue pupils with inspiration, motivation, and challenges that propel their intellectual growth. Our fidelity to public trust in the teaching vocation is unwavering, sustained by the upholding of ethical benchmarks both within and beyond the scholastic domain. We accord pupils the dignity they deserve, nurturing relationships founded on reciprocal respect, while unfailingly observing the judicious delineations befitting a teacher’s professional standing.

Exalted Standards of Education
Precision in Assessment
Fidelity to Public Trust
  • The Secondary Department harmonizes a cadre of seasoned and highly qualified faculty, deeply committed to imparting education of the highest calibre.
  •  Imbued with a commitment to progress, we prioritize avant-garde teaching methodologies, cultivating an immersive learning milieu that transcends conventional classroom paradigms.
  •  Every student is bestowed with personalized guidance and mentoring, ensuring meticulous attention to their distinct academic requirements and aspirations
  •  Fostering a dynamic learning environment, we champion hands-on experiences, real-world applications, and holistic development. Our innovative approach kindles curiosity, nurtures critical thinking, and readies students for extraordinary futures
Highly Qualified Faculty
Avant-Garde Teaching Methodologies
Personalized Guidance

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