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Teacher Training Workshop

R.P.School Admin
13 Jul, 2020

The structural transformation of Education system and teaching-Learning process post Covid-19 scenario have erected massive challenges before the teachers, instructors and learners alike. This has necessitated new adjustments and the employment of new teaching methodologies by the teachers to be able to adjust to the new dynamic. İn this vein, our school recently organized a workshop headed by a prominent Psychologist, Researcher and the Columnist of the valley.

Ms Laila Qureshi, who is also a member of American Psychological Association gave a detailed overview of the workable coping methodologies and updated the teaching-faculty with the recent developments in the field of Child-Psychology and Adolescent- Psychology that could be used to tap the students’ potential in a better fashion.

Dr Fazl Illahi, who is a researcher, writer and a columnist gave a detailed overview of the overall classroom management and presented his self developed 4C’s methodology.

The workshop  spread over a period of seven days and  dealt with diverse topics. Yet its main focus stayed on the subjects of :

  • Positive Learning Environment
  • Proximity and Affection.
  • Education in Developmental Bahaviour
  • Post COVID Strategies.
  • To understand WHAT, WHY and HOW of Teaching.
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