RP School Loader


“Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.”

School libraries are integral to today’s schools and teacher librarians will continue to have a key role in the education of their school’s students if they are seen to be adaptable to developments in learning, such as e-learning, in teaching, such as distance education for some schools, in technology, such as mobile internet technologies, in the internet, such as the use of visual search engines, and in librarianship, such as the increasing availability of digital information in a range of formats.

“When in doubt go to the library.”


Library offers a peaceful retreat for self-study amidst the robust and dynamic ecosystem of any educational institution. A rich repository of books, magazines, periodicals, and archives
is inevitable for curious learners.

We, at RP school, believe that the library is the training and nurturing center for curious minds who carry the potential of shaping the future course of society.

Our library, in the campus, is packed with rich and updated reading material for various genres of learning and literature. Subject to the requirements of various departments and levels, the library provides abundant material to inculcate the habit of reading and develop a spirit of self-research amongst the students.


Session 2021 Toppers


Toiba Ishaq


Hasbah Bini Nazir


Ahlam Farooq


Maheen Rouf


Saliha Jan


Faiqa Jan